Course of action

The Council of Entrepreneurial Women consists of representatives of Polish entities being strategically significant for economy, scientific-research centres and non-governmental organisations. The Council of Entrepreneurial Women grants  magisterial support, proposes experience exchange and support of enterprises' development which were founded by women – both existing and the newly founded alike. The Council develops its activity in all economy sectors.
Within the framework of its activity, the Council of Entrepreneurial Women undertakes the following actions:

  • Implementation of domestic and international business projects,
  • Support for entrepreneurs in terms of finances, economy and law,
  • Creation of cooperation and experience exchange level between the Members of the Council and enterprises cooperating with them,
  • Promoting entrepreneurship, innovativeness and new awareness necessary for development of modern economy,
  • Support for export of unique products and services on international arena,
  • Promoting solutions created by women, branding, brand's image building.